This lunch meets on Fridays from 12:30-2:00 p.m. in Charles M. Harper Center (Booth), Room C03. Lunch is available at 12:15 pm. The location of the lunch rotates each quarter between collaborating departments.

The faculty organizers are Chris Blattman (Harris), Chang-Tai Hsieh (Booth), Alessandra Voena (Economics), and Anup Malani (Law) with operational support from The Pearson Institute for the Study and Resolution of Global Conflicts and the Becker Friedman Institute.

If you would like to receive regular updates about this lunch, click here. If you have any questions, please email Cara Cook at [email protected]

Winter 2019 Lunches

January 11

Hans-Joachim Voth (University of Zurich)

Killer Incentives: Relative Position, Performance and Risk-Taking Among German Fighter Pilots, 1939-45

February 8

Mariella Gonzales (University of Chicago)
Effects of mining extraction on political support for anti-mining parties

Chinmaya Kumar (University of Chicago)
Fixing the State: Can Grievance Redressal Improve the Quality of Public Services?

February 22

Christopher Udry (Northwestern)

External Validity in a Stochastic World: Evidence from Low Income Countries

March 15

Andrew Foster (Brown University)





Autumn 2018 Lunches

October 5

Kaivan Munshi (Cambridge)

Wealth, Marriage, and Sex Selection

October 12

Rema Hanna (Harvard)

Cumulative Impacts of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs: Experimental Evidence from Indonesia

October 19

Chiara Fratto

The Reallocative Effects of Mobility Restrictions on Workers and Firms. An Application to the West Bank

October 26

Paul Niehaus (UC San Diego)

Authentication and Targeted Transfers

November 2

Rachel Meager (LSE)

Aggregating Distributional Treatment Effects: A Bayesian Hierarchical Analysis of the Microcredit Literature

November 9

Hee Kwon Seo

Educational Technology and Students' Valuation of Achievement: Experimental Evidence from Rural Tanzania

November 16

Jaya Wen (Yale)

The Social and Political Roots of Inefficiency: State Ownership in China

November 30

Maria Micaela Sviatchi (Princeton)

December 7

Melissa Dell (Harvard)



Spring 2018 Lunches

March 30

Tamar Mitts (University of Michigan)

April 6

Miguel Morales

Jenna Allard

April 13

Raul Sanchez de la Sierra (UC Berkeley)

April 20

Erica Field (Duke University)

April 27

Alessandra Voena

May 4

Luis Martinez


May 11

Wendy Wong

Ishan Nath

May 18

Anup Malani

May 25

Robin Burgess (LSE)

June 1

Benjamin Crost (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

Winter 2018 Lunches

January 12

Victor Gay

"The Legacy of the Missing Men: The Long-Run Impact of World War I on Female Labor Force Participation"

January 19

Krisztina Orbán

"The Inception of Capitalism through the Lens of Firms"

January 26

Guido Imbens (Stanford University)

"Matrix Completion Methods for Causal Panel Data Models"

February 2

Jesse Naidoo

"The Engel Curves of Noncooperative Households"

February 9

Lauren Falcao Bergquist

“Selling Low and Buying High: Arbitrage and Local Price Effects in Kenyan Markets"

February 16

Quoc-Ahn Do (SciencesPo)

"How Social Networks Shape Our Beliefs: A Natural Experiment among Future French Politicians"

February 23

Samuel Bazzi (Boston University)

"Frontier Culture: The Roots and Persistence of 'Rugged Individualism' in the United States"

March 2

Marianne Bertrand

"Social Proximity and Bureaucrat Performance: Evidence from India"

March 9

Chiara Fratto

"Mobility restrictions and the spatial distribution of  economic activity in the West Bank"

Autumn 2017 Lunches

October 6

Seema Jayachandran (Northwestern University)

"Reshaping Adolescents’ Gender Attitudes in India"

October 13

Nancy Qian (Northwestern University)

"The Short- and Medium-Run Effects of Computerized VAT Invoices on the Tax Payments and Behavior of Large Firms in China"

October 20

Leopoldo Fergusson (University of the Andes)

"The Real Winner's Curse"

October 27

Nick Tsivanidis

"The Aggregate and Distributional Effects of Urban Transit Networks: Evidence from Bogotá’s TransMilenio"

November 3

Nick Ryan (Yale University)

“The Social Costs of Low Electricity Tariffs: Evidence from Agricultural Power Consumption in India"

November 10

Nina Nguyen

"Industrialization and human capital investment: Evidence from industrial zone expansion"

November 17

Olga Namen

"The Peer Effects of Grade Retention"

November 24 Holiday Break
December 1

Leo Bursztyn

"Misperceived Social Norms: Female Labor Force Participation in Saudi Arabia"