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How will online classes be delivered?

We will leverage Canvas and Zoom platforms. The education platform, Canvas, will be the hub for you to access lecture videos and discussion boards, as well as connect with faculty and graduate teaching assistants. You will utilize Zoom as the platform to watch lecture videos and participate in live office hours with instructors.

What will remote learning classes be like? Will I need to log in at the time that the class was originally scheduled?

When you enroll in IPAL, you’ll engage with the same leading instructors and receive the same rigorous education as you would in an onsite course. The difference is that you’ll participate in an online classroom rather than a physical one.

Each week lecture videos will be posted to our online education platform, Canvas. You will be able to watch the lectures at your own pace. There will be designated office hours for you to connect online with instructors. There will be set deadlines for when assignments are due.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Yes! Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion of the program. The certificate details each course, instructor name, hours of instruction and letter grade. 

How are the courses graded? Is there a final exam? 

Students are graded on course assignments and the capstone research project. There is no final exam. 

What is the weekly hour commitment for the optional modules?

Students who elect in the optional modules of IPAL can anticipate approximately 10 hours per week per course.

Learn more about the option and required courses and schedule.

Will staff be available to help?

Yes! The UChicago IPAL Administration team will be virtually available throughout the duration of the program. You can connect with staff through Canvas or email or set up a virtual meeting.