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Spring 2024
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This course introduces students to important topics and concepts in political institutions and policy process, with a focus in developing countries. The course begins with a brief review of the fundamental tools acquired in the core analytical politics sequence. Then the course focus on a specialized set of topics of particular relevance to policy-making in developing countries. The course provides an overview on the functioning of politics in weakly institutionalized settings, and explores the ways in which political institutions in these settings hinder or contribute to economic development. Topics of this course include but are not limited to: State formation and state capacity, political regimes and development, foreign influence, resource curse, and civil conflict. This course aims at enhancing student’s understanding about politics from the perspective of a policy entrepreneur who develops strategy in order to advance policy changes.

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Spring 2024 Politics in Weakly Institutionalized and Developing Countries Zhaosong Ruan Monday, Wednesday 3:00pm-4:20pm