5:00 PM - 7:50 PM
Course #
PPHA 39711
Keller 2112
Fall 2019

In this course, we will explore the evolving intersections of arts, culture and policy in the United States.

We will investigate questions such as:

  • How do government policies (or the lack thereof) shape the environment in which arts and culture are produced and shared?
  • How have the distinctions between “arts” and “culture” influenced policy decisions in the past, particularly given the Eurocentric nature of many “arts” institutions in our country?
  • As we move forward in a more multi-cultural world, what opportunities exist for evolving policies that can support both “culture” and the “arts”?
  • How can policy solutions help create fertile conditions for culture to thrive, particularly in U.S. cities?

Through a combination of lecture/discussion, engagement with leading voices from the field, scholarly readings and applied learning, this course will provide the resources necessary for students to create a series of current cultural policy objectives suitable for presentation to decision makers in Chicago and other major cities.