Harris will work with your organization to design a custom training program that meets your unique needs.

Harris Public Policy offers customized, non-degree executive education programs for working professionals in private, public and not-for-profit organizations. These training programs are designed specifically for – and in partnership with – your organization to bring the rigorous, tools-based training of Harris Public Policy directly to you.

Training that Meets Your Needs

Harris will work with your organization to design a custom training program that meets your unique needs. We offer a variety of classes from public finance to communication strategies to program evaluation. Course lengths range from one day to one week depending on the number of classes you are interested in scheduling. We also offer flexibility in the delivery of the program. Harris Public Policy professors can teach on-site at your office, in a Chicago-based venue, or via teleconferencing.

"There’s probably never been a time when public policy has been so important, and organizations are looking to Harris to help them understand the impact of policy on their organization so they can take advantage of – or protect themselves from – changes in the regulatory landscape."

– Ranjan Daniels, Associate Dean of Student Recruitment and Global Outreach

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Let us assess your training needs. We'll work with you to define program content; determine program format, including length of training, scheduling and location; and understand potential program costs.

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New Analysis Details Steps to Update the U.S. Government’s Social Cost of Carbon

The study recommends an immediate return to the Obama Administration’s approach paired with a more appropriate discount rate that together would produce a social cost of $125 per ton of carbon.

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