We are proud to announce the 2021-22 IPAL Student & Alumni Committee (IPAL-SAC). IPAL-SAC members are students and alumni from top academic institutions who are committed to creating a lively, supportive community for IPAL students and alumni across the globe. The committee is jointly supervised by Shilin Liu at Harris and Jiao Lu at Peking University. If you have any questions, contact Shilin Liu.

Committee Members

Headshot of Shuling Wu
Shuling Wu

Shuling Wu, Co-Chair 

Shuling Wu is responsible for supporting the program to carry out more meaningful activities, and managing the daily work of the committee. Shuling is a current undergraduate student at Peking University majoring in philosophy. Before joining IPAL-SAC, she worked as Student Secretariat of the Peking University Office of International Relations.

Headshot of Zhiyu Xie
Zhiyu Xie

Zhiyu Xie, Co-Chair 

Zhiyu is a junior at Peking University with a double major in Economics. He mainly focuses on international organizations and global knowledge networks. Zhiyu worked as an intern at two of the most prominent think tanks in China, the Development Research Center of the State Council and Center for China and Globalization. He led a team to enhance the partnership between universities in Peking University and major international organizations, such as World Bank and United Nations.

Headshot of Kanghua Qiu
Kanghua Qiu

Kanghua Qiu, Co-Chair 

Kanghua Qiu is an undergraduate student at Peking University. With her previous experience of tutoring students in learning different languages, she believes that true education is all about including, empowering, and connecting. 



Academics Workstream

Our Committee Members in the Academics Workstream promote and organize academic activities for the program

Headshot of Xirui Gao
Xirui Gao

Xirui Gao, Lead, IPAL’20, MPP’23

Xirui Gao is in charge of arranging and organizing academic activities for IPAL students and alumni. He is a senior at the Peking University, majoring in Hindi language and literature. In the fall of 2021, Xirui will enter Harris as an MPP student in fall, 2021. 


Headshot of Boyang Mu
Boyang Mu

Boyang Mu, IPAL’20

Boyang Mu is studying Business English at the University of International Business and Economics and pursuing a dual degree in Economics at Peking University. The fields that he is interested in include Public Economics, Development Finance, and Open-market Macroeconomy. Boyang gained a global perspective toward international public policies in a quantitative approach through IPAL. The experience of exchanging ideas with students and teachers worldwide was inspiring to him.

Headshot of Shiyu Cui
Shiyu Cui

Shiyu Cui, IPAL’20

Shiyu Cui is a sophomore at Peking University, majoring in Vietnamese Language and Literature, and minoring in International Organization and Public Policy. With her great interest in public policy research, Shiyu joined IPAL last year and learned a lot in this field. She is currently working as a Student Secretariat of the Peking University Office of International Relations.

Communications & Event Planning Workstream

Our Committee Members in the Communications & Event Planning Workstream explore, promote and organize events that are beneficial to students in the program

Headshot of Xiaonan Li
Xiaonan Li

Xiaonan Li, Lead

Xiaonan is responsible for writing visit plans, organizing members to participate in different activities, and negotiating with others on behalf of a whole committee. Xiaonan is now a student at Peking University majoring in English. She chose to join the IPAL committee for the opportunity to explore the various fields of public policy.

Headshot of He Liu
He Liu

He Liu, IPAL’20, MPP’23

He is responsible for creating materials for the committee's advocacy work. He is from the Renmin University of China with a finance major. She has decided to apply to the University of Chicago for her graduate study.




Headshot of Yunjie Xie
Yunjie Xie

Yunjie Xie, IPAL’20

Yunjie is a senior at the Renmin University. Yunjie chose IPAL to explore her budding interest in various public policy fields, sharpen her quantitative skills, and decide the next step of graduate study.




Career Development Workstream

Our Committee Members in the Career Development Workstream provide career development opportunities for IPAL students and alumni

Headshot of Danqing Fan
Danqing Fan

Danqing Fan, Lead, IPAL’20

Danqing is a senior at the University of International Business and Economics, majoring in English. By participating in IPAL in 2020, she made new friends with diverse backgrounds,  enhanced her policy research methods and quantitative skills, and found the chance to explore her internship experiences.

Headshot of Jingyang Lan
Jingyang Lan

Jingyang Lan, IPAL’20, MPP’23

Jingyang is a student at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, majoring in Human Geography and Urban-rural Planning. Jingyang is currently working as a research assistant at CIB Research. She plans to finish her master's degree in public policy or data science abroad and to become a consultant or analyst in the future.

Headshot of Zhaolin Xu
Zhaolin Xu

Zhaolin Xu

Zhaolin Xu is an undergraduate student at Peking University, majoring in Law. Zhaolin is responsible for organizing career development events for IPAL students and drafting event promotional materials.