Lead the change you want to see through negotiation.

Negotiation is a constant in business and in life—we are negotiating all the time, even when we don't recognize it.

Deciding with your significant other or roommates what to order on GrubHub or what to watch on Netflix are just as much negotiations as determining the price of acquiring a company, where to situate a new public works project, or the terms of partnership between two NGOs.

Many people assume negotiation is a skill that’s naturally acquired with age and experience. But in fact, negotiation is learned—and then leveraged in all aspects of your life.

Become a More Effective Leader

Using a blend of theory, cases, negotiation exercises, and facilitated discussion, this program develops your “interpersonal toolkit,” exploring how to execute strategy through persuading other people to work with you towards your objectives and lead the change you aspire to create.

The program focuses on specific aspects of the negotiation process that are important to many negotiation situations, such as obstacles to effective communication at the bargaining table, the maximization of multiple interests, and tactics for coalition building.

Learn from an extensive set of negotiation experiences in class, practice your skills, and benefit from feedback to become more effective leaders and managers.


Subject: Negotiation, Leadership

Level: Students and working professionals with 0-3 years of full-time work experience

Duration: Six (6) weeks

Dates: March 22 - April 30, 2021

Cost: $2,000


  • No prior experience in negotiation required (you already have plenty of experience, you just don’t realize it!)
  • 100% live lectures, conducted in a 100% virtual setting
  • Capstone negotiation experience
  • Shareable certificate of completion to showcase your skills

Who Will Benefit

This program is a fit if you:

  • Are interested in serving in a leadership or management position
  • Are seeking a robust foundation in negotiation skills
  • Are considering a graduate degree or professional path in the field of public policy or public administration
  • Have limited or no full-time work experience

Headshot of Nora McConnell-Johnson
Nora McConnell-Johnson

“The course gave me a framework to think about how to navigate change, both on an organizational and interpersonal level. Getting to read about the theory behind the negotiation or change management approaches and then practice them in real time and with classmates was invaluable.”

Nora McConnell-Johnson, MPP’21

What You Will Learn

  • Fundamentals of negotiation
  • Navigating obstacles
  • Effective communication at the bargaining table
  • Maximization of multiple interests
  • Tactics for coalition-building

Program Details

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