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Shilin Liu
Shilin Liu

Shilin Liu

Shilin Liu is the Senior Director of International Partnerships and Executive Education. She focuses on developing programs and partnerships that help Harris better recruit diverse international students and young professionals to participate in either degree or non-degree programs (e.g. the Data and Policy Summer Scholar Program). She enjoys meeting students from diverse backgrounds and supporting them along the way, from creating an application to navigating their future plans. Shilin holds a Bachelor's degree from Fudan University in China and an MPP from the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy. Learn more about Shilin.

Andie Ingram Eccles
Andie Ingram Eccles

Andie Ingram  Eccles

Andie Ingram Eccles is an Assistant Director, where she manages the recruitment and operations of Harris Credential Programs, our short-term, non-degree programs. She oversees the program life-cycle of marketing and recruitment strategy, enrollment and matriculation, day-to-day operations, and program evaluation. Each day is a blend of collaborating with faculty, brainstorming with staff, and connecting with students. Learn more about Andie


Recent News

At Harris, Kucich plans to delve into education public policy with the goal of helping to remove some of the political barriers for educators.
In 2020, the Bulletin set the hands of the clock at 100 seconds to midnight, moving them forward from two minutes. For the second year in a row, the organization determined that not enough progress has been made to move the hands back.
“The emphasis Harris places on using data responsibly—to think carefully and cautiously about data in order to use it effectively—is a unique and invaluable cornerstone of the Harris experience.”