Recent Events

Can Data and Technology Fix Government?

Governments seem unable to meet the needs of people living in increasingly complex modern societies.  Can data and technology save us?  Can they help improve public policy and decision-making…and restore confidence?  And are governments even capable of adopting the technologies that would help them improve? On October 26th, PPR held a panel discussion at Harris to address these critical questions. Panelists were Denise Turner Roth, Administrator of the General Services Administration (GSA), and Brett Goldstein, Harris Senior Fellow in Urban Science and former Chief Data Officer for the City of Chicago. The event was co-sponsored by Women in Public Policy. 

Clinton vs. Trump:  What’s Really at Stake in the 2016 Elections?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have radically different visions for America’s future. But how will the voters’ choice really impact economic policy, trade, national security, immigration, and other major policy areas. On November 2nd, PPR held a panel discussion to drill down beyond the rhetoric and hyperbole and get to the bottom of ‘what’s really at stake?’ Panelists included former staff director of the Senate Budget Committee and Bipartisan Policy Center senior fellow Steve Bell, former HHS Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight director Jay Angoff, and Director of Urban Policy Initiatives at the Urban Institute Erika Poethig, MPP'96. 

Political Campaign Simulation

On January 27, 2017, the American Majority, one of the nation's premier political training organizations, conducted a political campaign simulation at Harris. American Majority is on the right side of the political spectrum but liberals, conservatives and moderates were all welcome. Regardless of the participants political orientation, the campaign simulation was fun, informative and entertaining.

Lunch with Congressman Mike Quigley

On Friday, February 24, PPR hosted a lunch with Illinois 5th CD Representative Mike Quigley, AM'85 at a restaurant in his district which includes the North Side of Chicago as well as areas to the north and west of the city. Ten Harris students participated in an intimate off-the-record conversation. Quigley is a member of the House Appropriations Committee and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Check back here for details and to register.

Community Action Bureau Skills Development Sessions

The Community Action Bureau hosted a series of professional development sessions during the fall quarter. The sessions focused on specific skills that will help ensure success and professional enrichment for students interested in CAB Fellowships, but all Harris students were welcome.

The first session was held on Thursday, November 10.  Attendees discussed best practices for managing a nonprofit organization and heard from Pat Mosena, President of Options for Youth, Inc. 

The second session was held on Tuesday, November 29. The topic was Essential Technical Skills For Program Evaluation. The program focused on crucial program evaluation techniques and skills (such as Basic Stata Analysis, LaTex, Information Systems Training, and Survey Methodologies).

Check back here for information on future sessions.

For more information, contact Matt LaFond, Lola Iturbe, or Annie Gao.