New Midway Fund to Support Unpaid Summer Internships

The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy Career Development Office has announced a significant increase in available funds for students pursuing unpaid summer internships.

Thanks to CDO’s new Midway Fund and comprehensive online guide to other opportunities, more Chicago Harris students will receive funding to help support those unpaid summer positions. This is welcome news for the estimated two-thirds of first-year students who accept unpaid work each summer.

“When I joined Chicago Harris last year, I recognized a pressing need for funds that are easier to find, more abundant and more flexible,” says Adam Heeg, Director of Career Development and Employer Relations. “Summer internships are a key element of success for students working toward their post-graduate-school careers. Students must be able to select internships that best help them explore, define and hone their passions, whether they are paid or not.”

The Midway Fund streamlines and increases previous funding opportunities through Chicago Harris. It, along with six other funding sources now available through Harris and the University, will almost double the number of Harris students who receive funding for their unpaid internship. Last year, summer funding was awarded to 21 students. The new funding initiative hopes to cover an additional 15 to 21 students this year.

A committee of Academic and Student Affairs leadership will lead the selection process for students interested in receiving funds. The committee will be looking for outstanding students pursuing unpaid internships that align with their academic and career goals.

“The work CDO has done to make these funds more accessible to students is a testament to its desire to improve career opportunities for students interested in all sectors and policy areas,” says Heeg. “With these changes, students will face fewer barriers in securing meaningful summer experiences that can better situate them for employment and life after Harris.”

The priority deadline to apply is April 30, 2015.

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–Mikia Manley