Follies Delivers "Second Biggest Day in Harris History"

Students were buzzing in anticipation last Friday night as they gathered in the Logan Center for “The Second Biggest Day in Harris History.” They were not disappointed, as the 13th Annual Follies opened with a riotous parody of the Pearson Institute video announcement from last fall. The theater was filled with laughs throughout the show, which serves as a fundraiser for the Women in Public Policy Conference Fund. Standout skits included “A Day in the Life of Kate Shannon Biddle,” which shamelessly mocked Biddle’s tireless work ethic as senior associate director of student affairs, and “The Godfinance,” about PPSA Finance Committee Chair Robert Callahan’s comically overinflated sense of self-importance. The almost 200 attendees filed out at the end of the night with important questions to ponder. Just what are the highly classified responsibilities of Senior Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs Jeremy Edwards? And should you call a turtle in a turtleneck “turtle squared” or “turtle to the turtle power”?

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—Mikia Manley