Felicity Vabulas


Felicity Vabulas is a political scientist whose research focuses on international organizations, international political economy, international law, human rights, and foreign policy.

She currently teaches U.S. Foreign Policy and International Organizations in Theory and in Practice. Vabulas also helped lead Chicago Harris’ international policy practicums for five years, travelling to Jordan and Israel, Turkey, Cambodia, Rwanda, and Madagascar. She is the Director of the Chicago Harris Writing Program, working with the Core Professors to fold in relevant writing assignments to help students hone communication skills in evidence-based public policy.

Vabulas has ongoing research projects that focus on the effects of foreign lobbying on US foreign policy, the implications of suspensions from international organizations, and the increasing use of informal international organizations in world politics such as the various G-groups. She has worked as a consultant at Accenture and researcher for the Central Intelligence Agency. She received her PhD from Chicago Harris in 2013.