International Organizations

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1:30 PM - 2:50 PM
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Spring 2017
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This seminar introduces students to the theoretical frameworks, empirical cases, and cutting-edge debates in the field of international organizations (IOs). The seminar is structured in three parts. First, we will focus on the different theoretical perspectives in International Relations scholarship for understanding international organizations. Second, the seminar will examine the effects of international organizations on world politics. Third, we will look at examples of different kinds of international organizations and how they work “in the real world”. Overall the seminar will address key questions such as: How do IOs foster interstate cooperation and state compliance? How do IOs shape state interests and identities? Why do IOs often fail? How should we think about the pathologies of IOs as global bureaucracies? How do IOs influence NGOs and their strategies? We will close by discussing gaps in the literature and potential avenues for future research.