CHPPP Student Organizations

The Center for Human Potential and Public Policy supports three student-led organizations at the University of Chicago Harris School.

Behavioral Economics and Public Policy

The Behavioral Economics and Public Policy (BEPP) Student Organization was set up in Spring 2013 to introduce Harris students to the concepts of behavioral economics and the implications these concepts can have for policy, and provide professional and education opportunities in this area to students. Practitioners and researchers speak informally to policy students about ways they can incorporate research in this area into practice. A long term goal of the organization is to increase the amount of programming centered around behavioral economics at Harris. Learn more >>

Innovators in Social Policy

Innovators in Social Policy (ISP) seeks to bolster the professional development of up-and-coming thought leaders in social policy by stimulating a healthy curiosity and dialogue on shaping the response to some of the biggest questions relevant to the nature of our social existence. ISP has a particular interest in child and family policy but views this as inseparable from the larger social policy issues that affect human flourishing -- such as economic stability across the lifespan, housing, community development, social care and protection, and physical and mental health. Learn more >>