Political Economy Archive

2015-2016 Workshops

October 8Ben Crost
October 15Odilon Camara
October 22Chris Blattman
October 29Chad Hazlett
November 5Vincent Pons
November 12Josh Blumenstock
November 19Daniel Diermeier
December 3Brian Knight
January 14Keith Schnakenberg
January 21Claudio Ferraz
February 4Joel Middleton
February 11Jorg Spenkuch
February 25Seth Hill
March 31Nageeb Ali
April 21Brandice Canes-Wrone
May 5Allison Carnegie
May 12Jen Brown
May 26Daniel Koss

2014-2015 Workshops

October 31*Giacomo Ponzetto
 "Political Centralization and Government Accountability"
November 6Dominik Hangartner
 "Does Naturalization Foster the Long-Term Political Integration of Immigrants?"
November 13Olle Folke
 "Economic Effects of Dynastic Politicians"
November 20Razvan Vlaicu
 “Inequality, Participation, and Polarization” 
February 5Adam Meirowitz
 "Dispute Resolution Institutions and Strategic Militarization"
February 19Daniel Hidalgo
 "Can Politicians Police Themselves? Natural Experimental Evidence from Brazil’s Audit Courts"
February 26Michael Weber
 "Distrust in Finance Lingers: Jewish Persecution and Households' Investments"
March 5Luke Condra
 "Clerics and Sermons: An Experiment on the Effect of Religious Authority on Giving in Afghanistan"
March 12Jonathan Rodden
 "Policy Bundling and Vote Choice in the United States"
April 9Clifford Carrubba
 “Preferences over legal rules and non-median outcomes on collegial courts”
April 23Bethany Lacina
 "Public support for domestic counterinsurgency: Evidence from Thailand"
April 30Ruben Durante
 "Attack When the World Is Not Watching? International Media and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"
May 7Don Green
 "Diminishing the Effectiveness of Vote-buying: Evidence from a Large-scale Radio Experiment in India"
May 14Alan Wiseman
 "Spatial Models of Legislative Effectiveness"
May 28Chuck Cameron
 "Quitting in Protest: A Theory of Presidential Policy Making and Agency Response"


2013-2014 Workshops

October 3Katherine Casey
October 10Giorgio Zanarone
October 17Greg Huber
October 24Massimo Morelli
October 31Nolan McCarty
November 5Filipe Campante
November 14Devin Caughey
November 21Mehdi Shadmehr
January 16Stephen Ansolabehere
January 23Marina Agranov
February 6Zachary Peskowitz
February 13Oeindrila Dube
February 20Kris Ramsey
February 27David Yanagizawa-Drott
March 6Stephen Chaudoin
March 13Patrick Lebihan
April 3Michael Ting
April 10Alessandra Casella
April 17Salvatore Nunnari
April 24Milan Svolik
May 1Francesco Trebbi
May 8Dustin Tingley
May 15Robert Powell
May 22Arthur "Skip" Lupia
May 29Konstantin Sonin

2012-2013 Workshops

October 4Maria Petrova (NEU, Visiting IAS-Princeton)
October 11Christian Dippel (UCLA Economics)
October 18Effi Benmelech (Harvard Economics)
November 1Joyee Deb (NYU Stern)
January 24Ernesto Dal Bo (Berkeley Haas)
January 31Hulya Eraslan (Johns Hopkins Economics)
February 28Melissa Dell (Harvard Society of Fellows)
March 7Gerad Pedro I Miquel (LSE Economics)
April 10Rafael Hortala-Vallve (LSE Government)
April 18Oeindrila Dube (NYU Politics)
May 9Ruben Enikolopov (NEU, Visiting IAS-Princeton)
May 15Pablo Querubin (NYU Politics)
May 23Scott Gelhbach (Wisconsin Political Science)


2011-2012 Workshops

October 19Cesar Martinelli (ITAM)
October 26Claudio Ferraz (PUC-Rio)
November 30Philip Arena (SUNY-Buffalo)
February 1Nicola Persico (NWU-Kellogg)
February 15Navin Karnik (Columbia)
February 29Maggie Penn (Washington University)
March 14Radha K. Iyengar (LSE)
April 4Torun Dewan (LSE)
April 11Francesco Squintani (Warwick)
May 2Eric Weese (Yale)
May 16Yosh Halberstam (Toronto)
May 23Antonio Nicolò (Università degli Studi di Padova)


2010-2011 Workshops

April 27Jon Eguia (NYU)
May 11Sean Gailmard (UC Berkeley)
May 25Ali Cheema (International Growth Centre)
June 1Moses Shayo (Hebrew University)
June 8Sureish Naidu (Columbia)


Spring 2010 Workshops

March 31 - Ana De La O (Yale)
"Information Dissemination and Local Governments' Electoral Returns, Evidence from a Field Experiment in Mexico"

April 14 - Matthew Stephenson (Harvard Law)
"Judicial Review and Democratic Failure"

April 21 - Jacob Shapiro (Princeton)
"The Roots of Militancy: Explaining Support for Political Violence in Pakistan"

May 12 - Scott Gehlbach (Wisconsin)
"The Institutional Basis of Successful Economic Reform: Privatization Effectiveness and Regime Change After Ukraine's Orange Revolution"

May 19 - Frederico Finan (Berkeley)
"Motivating Politicians: The Impacts of Monetary Incentives on Quality and Performance"

June 1 - Elisabeth Gerber (University of Michigan)
"Political Geography, Campaign Contributions, and Representation"

June 2 - Jim Robinson (Harvard)
"The Monopoly of Violence: Evidence from Columbia"

Winter 2010 Workshops

January 27 - Jim Snyder (MIT)

February 17 - Konstantin Sonin (Northwestern)
"A Model of Balance of Power with N>2"

February 24 - Eli Berman (UC San Diego)
"Can Hearts and Minds Be Bought? The Economics of Counterinsurgency in Iraq"

March 3 - Claire Lim (Standford GSB)
"Measuring Media Influences on U.S. State Courts"

March 10 - Nolan McCarty (Princeton)
"Welfare and Paternalism"

Fall 2009 Workshops

September 30 - Chris Edmond, New York University
"Information Manipulation, Coordination and Regime Change"

October 21 - Tom Palfrey, Caltech
"Political Institutions and Investment in Public Infrastructure"

October 28 - David Myatt, University of Oxford
"On the Rhetorical Strategies of Leaders: Speaking Clearly, Standing Back, and Stepping Down"

November 18 - Maggie Penn, Washington University
"Strategic Manipulation in Representative Institutions"

December 9 - Alex Debs, Yale University
"Living by the Sword and Dying by the Sword? Leadership Transitions in and out of Dictatorships"

Spring 2009 Workshops

April 8 - Mathew McCubbins, University of California at San Diego
"Connected Coordination: Network Structure and Group Coordination"
Supplemental Paper: "Good Edge, Bad Edge: How Network Structure Affects a Group's Ability to Coordinate"

April 22 - Ethan Bueno de Mesquita, University of Chicago
"Regime Change and Revolutionary Entrepreneurs"

May 6 - Esteban Klor, Hebrew University
"Does Terrorism Work?"

May 20 - Leeat Yariv, Caltech
"Similarity and Polarization in Groups"

May 27 - Ken Shotts, Stanford University
"Policy-Specific Information and Informal Agenda Power"

Winter 2009 Workshops

January 14 - Nathaniel Baum-Snow, Brown University
"School Desegregation, School Choice and Changes in Residential Location Patterns by Race"

January 21 - Steve Callander, Northwestern University
"Searching for Good Policies"

February 4 - Charles Manski, Northwestern University
"Actualist Rationality"

February 11 - Stephan Whitaker, University of Chicago
"Constituencies and the Allocation of Private Activity Municipal Bond Cap Authority" (presentation)

February 25 - Salvador Barbera
"Individual Versus Group Strategy Proofness: When Do They Coincide?"

March 4 - Jim Alt, Harvard University
"Inequality and the Political Economy of Corruption: Evidence from US States"

Fall 2008 Workshops

October 1 - Roger Myerson, University of Chicago
"A Field Manual for the Cradle of Civilization"

October 8 - Yong Wang, University of Chicago
"Fiscal Decentralization, Endogenous Policies and Technology Adoption: Theory and Evidence from China and India's FDI"

October 15 - Benjamin Jones, Northwestern University
"Climate Change and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Last Half Century"

October 22 - Alan Wiseman, Ohio State University
"Measuring Legislative Effectiveness in Congress"

November 5 - Scott Ashworth, Princeton University
"Sanctioning and Learning in Elections"

November 12 - Fernando Ferreira, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
"The Value of School Facilities: Evidence from a Dynamic Regression Discontinuity Design"

November 19 - Richard Holden, University of Chicago (GSB)
"Measuring the Compactness of Political Districting Plans"

December 3 - Michiko Ueda-Ballmer, California Institute of Technology
"The Economic Effects of Gerrymandering"

Spring 2008 Workshops

April 9 - Jens Ludwig, University of Chicago (SSA)
"Anti-Depressants, Suicide, and Drug Regulation"

April 16 - Jorge Fabrega, University of Chicago (Harris School)
"Petty Corruption and Social Networks: An Exploration with Data from Sub-Saharan Africa"

April 23 - Jessica Trounstine, Princeton University
"Modern Machines: Information, Patronage, and Incumbency in Local Elections"

April 30 - Kerwin Charles, University of Chicago (Harris School)
"Some Initial Facts and Sketch of a Theory about Economic Conditions and Voting Behavior"

May 7 - Ebonya Washington, Yale University
"Economics and Ideology: Causal Evidence of the Impact of Income on Support for Redistribution and Other Proposals"

May 14 - Masataka Harada, University of Chicago (Harris School)
"Testing Strategic Use of Public Debts: A Natural Experimental Approach Using the 1965 Voting Rights Act"

May 21 - Elisabeth Gerber, University of Michigan
"Balancing Regionalism and Localism: Political Representation in American Transportation Policy"

May 28 - Laurent Bouton, University of Chicago (Program on Political Institutions Fellow)
"One Person, Many Votes: Divided Majority and Information Aggregation"

June 4 - Antonio Merlo, University of Pennsylvania
"External Validation by Parameter Recovery: An Application to Voter Turnout Models"

June 11 - John Balz, University of Chicago
"Beyond Margaret Sanger: Commercial Interests in Early U.S. Birth Control Policy"

Winter 2008 Workshops

January 23 - John Patty, Harvard University
"On the Basis and Measurement of Power in Congress"
"Amendments, Covering, and Agenda Control: The Politics of Open Rules" (w/ Elizabeth Maggie Penn)
"Equilibrium Party Government"

February 6 - Shigeo Hirano, Columbia University
"Direct and Indirect Representation"

February 20 - Craig Volden, Ohio State University
"Privatization and the Diffusion of Innovations" (w/ Vanessa Bouché)

March 5 - Matilde Bombardini, University of British Columbia
"Together or Alone in Lobbying for Trade Policy"

Fall 2007 Workshops

September 26 - Nicola Persico, New York University
"Factions and Political Competition" (w/ José Carlos Rodríguez-Pueblita & Dan Silverman)

October 3 - Jesse Shapiro, University of Chicago
"What Drives Media Slant?" (with Matthew Gentzkow)

October 10 - John Matsusaka, University of Southern California
"Institutions and Popular Control of Public Policy"

October 31 - Luigi Zingales, University of Chicago
"Long Term Persistence" (w/ Luigi Guiso & Paola Sapienza)

November 7 - Bard Harstad, Northwestern University
"Strategic Delegation and Voting Rules"

November 14 - David Baron, Stanford University
"Morally-Motivated Self-Regulation"

December 6 - Author Roundtable
Chris Berry, University of Chicago
Imperfect Union: Representation and Taxation in Multi-Level Governments

Spring 2007 Workshops

March 26 - Sarah Anzia, University of Chicago
"She Works Hard for Your Money: Congresswomen and Federal Domestic Spending" (with Christopher Berry)

April 9 - Jeffrey Grynaviski, Political Science, University of Chicago
"Entrenching the Machine: Political Defenses to Reform Party Challenges"

April 23 - Pedro Camarinha Vicente, Oxford University
"Is Vote Buying Effective? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in West Africa"

May 7 - Avinash Dixit, Princeton University
"Predatory states and failing states - An agency perspective"

May 21 - Steve Ansolabehere, MIT
"Constituents' Policy Perceptions and Approval of their Members of Congress"

Winter 2007 Workshops

January 22 - Shanna Rose, New York University, Wagner
"Accountability, Selection, and Term Limits: Theory and Evidence from U.S. State Elections" (with James Alt and Ethan Bueno de Mesquita)

February 5 - Alberto Simpser, University of Chicago, Political Science
"A Theory of Corrupt Elections"

February 19 - Navin Kartik, University of California at San Diego, Economics
"A Theory of Momentum in Sequential Voting" (with Nageeb Ali)

March 5 - Steve Callander, Northwestern University, Economics
"A Theory of Policy Expertise"

Fall 2006 Workshops

October 2 - No regular meeting. Tim Groseclose, UCLA talks at Noon in Harris School Room 140C
"A Rational-Choice, Format-Theoretic Argument against the Existence of Sophisticated Voting in Legislatures"

October 16 - Randall Calvert, Washington University
"Deliberation as Coordination through Cheap Talk"

October 30 - Jenna Bednar, University of Michigan
"The Robust Federation"

November 13 - Francesco Trebbi, University of Chicago
"Votes or money? Theory and evidence from the US Congress"

November 27 - Nikola Mirilovic, University of Chicago
"Regime Type and Immigration"

Spring 2006 Workshops

April 4 - Amrita Dhillon, Economics, University of Warwick
"Enforcing Contracts"

April 18 - Dimitri Landa, NYU
"Challenger Entry and Voter Learning"

April 25 - Christian Ponce de Leon, University of Chicago
"Distributive Politics and the Poor"

May 9 - Jeff Grynaviski, University of Chicago
"Rethinking Jackson’s Bank War: Party Politics and American Monetary Union in the Antebellum Period"

May 16 - Chris Berry, Public Policy, University of Chicago
"The Life and Death of Federal Domestic Programs, 1970- 2004"

May 23 - Tim Groseclose, UCLA
"A Rational-Choice, Formal-Theoretic Argument for the Inexistence of Sophisticated Voting in Legislatures"

May 30 - Ken Shepsle, Harvard University
"Advising and Consenting in the 60-Vote Senate: Strategic Aspects of Supreme Court Appointments"

Winter 2006 Workshops

January 17 - Boris Shor, Public Policy, University of Chicago
"Testing Partisan Theories of Defense Procurement 1983-1992"

January 24 - Milan Svolik, Political Science, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
"A Theory of Leadership Dynamics in Authoritarian Regimes"

February 7 - Zahi Ben-David, Business School, University of Chicago
"Managerial Overconfidence and Corporate Policies" (with John Graham and Campbell Harvey)

February 21 - Jeff Jenkins, Political Science, Northwestern University
"Agency Problems and Electoral Institutions: The 17th Amendment and Representation in the Senate" (with Sean Gailmard)

March 7 - Roger Myerson, Economics, University of Chicago
"Leadership, Trust and Constitutions"

Fall 2005 Workshops

October 4 - Daniel Chen, Political Science, University of Chicago
"The Political Economy of Beliefs: Why Do Fiscal and Social Conservatives/Liberals Come Hand-in-Hand?"

October 11 - Stephanie Waldhoff, Public Policy, University of Chicago
"Economic and Political Determinants of Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Reexamining the Environmental Kuznets Curve"

October 18 - Scott Basinger, Political Science & Public Policy, Stony Brook University
"Congressional Campaigns and Voter Choice: A New Framework for Analyzing Aggregate Electoral Behavior"

October 25 - William Bianco, Political Science, Penn State University
"The Art of the Possible: Majority Rule, the Uncovered Set, and the Limits of Legislative Action"

November 1 - Omar Al-Ubaydli, Economics, University of Chicago
"Diamonds are a dictator's best friend: natural resources and the tradeoff between development and authoritarianism"

November 8 - Brian Knight, Economics, Brown University
"The Political Economy of School District Mergers"

November 15 - Mike Munger, Political Science, Duke University
"Preference modification vs. incentive manipulation as tools of insurgent recruitment: the role of culture"

December 6 - Adrian Vermeule, Law School, University of Chicago
"Absolute Voting Rules"

Workshop Archives

March 29 - Jon Caverley, University of Chicago
"Blood and Treasure: Testing a Theory of Democratic Defense Production"

April 12 - Alberto Alesina, Harvard University
"Choosing Electoral Rules: Theory and Evidence from U.S. Cities"

April 26 - John Duggan, University of Rochester
"Private Polling in Elections and Voter Welfare"

May 5 - John Roedden, MIT
co-sponsored by the Comparative Politics Workshop

May 10 - Nikola Mirilovic, University of Chicago
"Regime Type and Immigration"

May 24 - Jeff Grynaviski, University of Chicago

May 31 - Nolan McCarty, Princeton University
"Polarized America: The Dance of Ideology and Unequal Riches"

January 4 - Pedro Vicente
Department of Economics, University of Chicago
"Does Oil Corrupt? Theory and Evidence from a Natural Experiment in West Africa"

January 18 - Daniel Chen
Department of Economics, University of Chicago
"Does Religious Intensity Cause Social Violence?"

February 1 - Chris Rohlfs
Department of Economics, University of Chicago
"How Much did the U.S. Government Value its Troops' Lives in WWII? Evidence from Dollar-Fatality Tradeoffs in Land Battles"

February 15 - Sandy Gordon
Department of Political Science, NYU
"Consumption or Investment? Campaign Contributions and the Structure of Executive Copensation"

February 22 - Gary Cox
Department of Political Science, UC San Diego
"The Logic of Gamson's Law: Pre-election Coalitions and Portfolio Distributions"

March 1 - George Tsebelis
Department of Political Science, UCLA

March 8 - Milan Svolik
Department of Political Science, University of Chicago

October 5 - Valentin Estevez
Department of Economics, University of Chicago

October 19 - John Binder
Department of Finance, University of Illinois Chicago

October 26 - Merri Rolfe
Department of Political Science, University of Chicago

November 2 -David Austen-Smith
Department of Economics, Department of Political Science, Northwestern University

November 23 - Cathy Hafer
Department of Political Science, New York University

November 30 - Seung Jung Lee
Department of Economics, University of Chicago

December 7 - Chris Berry
Harris School, University of Chicago

March 30 - Joan Serra, Department of Political Science, University of Chicago
"Informative Dimensions: A New Model for Electoral Choice Under Uncertainty"

April 6 - Casey Mulligan, Department of Economics, University of Chicago
"Causes and Consequences of Political Competitiveness"

April 20 - Luis Fernando Medina, Department of Political Science, University of Chicago
"Toward an Operational Theory of Collective Action"

April 27 - Dali Ma, Department of Sociology, University of Chicago
"Blocked Mobility and Crosscutting Social Circles in the Creation of Entrepreneurship"

May 11 - Michael Chwe, Department of Political Science, UCLA
"Statistical Game Theory"

May 18 - Adam Meirowitz, Department of Political Science, Princeton University
"In Defense of Exclusionary Deliberation: Communication and Voting With Private Beliefs and Values"

June 2 - Nikola Mirilovic, Department of Political Science, University of Chicago
"Regime Type and Population Growth"

January 13 - Thomas Stratmann, Stigler Center, University of Chicago; Department of Economics, George Mason University
"The Returns to Campaign Spending"

January 27 - Shang Ha, Department of Political Science, University of Chicago
"Party Activists and the Ideological Polarization of American Parties"

February 10 - Sven Feldmann, Harris School, University of Chicago
"Lobbying Bureaucrats: Influence and Delegation Under Alternative Political Structures"

February 24 - Milan Svolik, Department of Political Science, University of Chicago

March 2 - Leonid Polishchuk, Department of Economics and Center for Institutional Reform and the Informal Sector, University of Maryland
"Distribution of Assets and Credibility of Property Rights"

March 9 - Lindsey Leininger, Harris School, University of Chicago

March 16 - Lars Frisell, Sveriges Riksbank

April 1 - Konstantin Sonin, New Economic School and CEFIR, Moscow, and CEPR

April 8 - Richard Boylan, University of Alabama, Department of Economics and Finance

April 15 - Rafeal Ditella, Harvard Business School

April 22 - Milan Svolik, University of Chicago, Department of Political Science

April 29 - Tim Feddersen, Northwestern University, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Dept. of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences

May 13 - Daniel Diermeier, Northwestern University, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Dept. of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences

May 20 - Brandice Canes-Wrone, Northwestern University, Department of Political Science

May 27 - Michael Herron, Northwestern University, Department of Political Science

January 21 - Eric Helland, Claremont Graduate School, Dept. of Economics, and the Stigler Center, Chicago GSB

January 28 - David Figlio, University of Florida, Dept. of Economics

February 4 - Mike Ensly, Indiana University, Dept. of Political Science

February 11 - Barbara Kormenos, UCLA, Dept. of Political Science

February 18 - John Griffin, University of Notre Dame, Dept. of Political Science

February 25 - John Lott, American Enterprise Institute

March 4 - Charles Shippan, University of Iowa, Dept. of Political Science

March 11 - Susan Stokes, University of Chicago, Dept. of Political Science

October 1 - Steve Callander, Dept. of Managerial Economics and Decision Science, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University; Simon Wilke, Caltech
"Candidate Motivation and Electoral Competition"

October 15 - John Brehm, Dept. of Poltical Science, University of Chicago
"Using Mixture Models as a Means to Ascertain 'Type.'"

October 29 - Joan Serra, Dept. of Political Science, University of Chicago
"Vote Choice and Economic Interest"

November 19 - Steve Ansolabehere, Dept. of Political Science, MIT
"Distributive Politics in the American States"

December 3 - Jeff Grynavisky, Dept. of Political Science, University of Chicago

December 6 - Gary King, Harvard University
"Enhancing the Validity and Cross Cultural Comparability of Survey Research"

December 10 - Libor Dusek, Dept. of Economics, University of Chicago
"Do governments grow when they become more efficient? Evidence from tax withholding"

April 2 - John Patty, Carnegie-Mellon University

April 9 - Howard Margolis, Harris School, University of Chicago

April 16 - Kate Baicker, Dartmouth College and CEA
"The Budgetary Repercussions of Capital Convictions"

April 23 - Phillippe Aghion, Harvard University

April 30 - Jim Snyder, MIT

May 7 - Ken Schotts, Northwestern University
"A Time to Lead and a Time to Pander: The Conditional Nature of Presidential Responsiveness to Public Opinion"

May 14 - Ken Williams, Michigan State University
"Sequential and Strategic Voting in Collegial Courts: An Experimental Design"

May 21 - John de Figueiredo, MIT
"Academic Earmarks and the Returns to Lobbying"

May 28 - Sean Gailmard, University of Chicago

June 4 - Sean Gailmard, University of Chicago
"An Experimental Comparison of Collective Choice Procedures for Excludable Public Goods"

January 15 - Sharun Mukand, Tufts University

January 29 - Fred Boehmke, University of Iowa

February 12 - Lisa George, Michigan State University

February 26 - Serguey Braguinsky, Stigler Center; Roger Myerson, University of Chicago

March 12 - Ken Shotts, Northwestern University

October 16 - Koleman Strumpf, University of North Carolina and the Stigler Center
"Assessing the Importance of Tiebout Sorting: Local Heterogeneity from 1850 to 1990"

October 30 - Casey Mulligan, University of Chicago
"Economic Limits to 'Rational' Democratic Redistribution"

November 13 - Mike Ting, University of North Carolina
"A Strategic Theory of Bureaucratic Redundancy"

November 27 - Mike Bailey, Georgetown University
"Campaign Contributions and Responsive Democracy: A Neo-Pluralist Approach"

December 11 - Howard Margolis, Harris School, University of Chicago

March 28 - Randall Kroszner, University of Chicago
"Obstacles to Optimal Policy: The Interplay of Politics and Economics in Shaping Bank Supervision and Regulation Reforms"

April 4 - Christopher Berry, University of Chicago
"Political Institutions and Public Finance: Some Preliminary Results"

April 18 - Gregory Wawro, Columbia University
"Is All Political-Economics Local? National Elections and Local Economic Conditions; or 'It's the (Local) Economy, Stupid'"

April 26 - John Ferejohn, Stanford University
"Institutionalizing Judicial Independence"

May 2 - Arthur Lupia, University of California, San Diego
"Private Interventions and Public Competence: What citizens learned from election-oriented web sites"