PISP Workshop Archive


2016-2017 Workshops

October 4Daniel Krcmaric (Northwestern University)
"Communication Technology, Audience Effects, and the Logic of Civilian Targeting"
October 11Caitlin Talmadge (The George Washington University)
"Risky Business: Nuclear Dangers in Conventional Wars"
October 18Kevin Weng (University of Chicago)
"State-building to Victory: Chinese Communist and Republican Strategies from 1937-1948"
October 25Paige P. Cone (University of Chicago)
"Strategic Choice and Nuclear Reversal: Why Some Leaders Press Pause on Proliferation"
November 1Asfandyar Mir (University of Chicago)
"Repressive Power: Explaining Outcomes of Counterinsurgency"
November 8Mariya Grinberg (University of Chicago)
"Planning for the Short Haul: The Use of Economic Warfare"
November 15Sarah Daly (University of Notre Dame)
"Coercion and Politics: Citizen Support for Political Actors with Violent Pasts"


2015-2016 Workshops

October 6Chad Levinson (University of Chicago)
"The Credibility Cartel: Extra-Governmental Organizations in U.S. National Security Politics"
October 13Joshua Kertzer (Harvard University)
"How Do Observers Assess Resolve?"
October 20Charles Lipson (University of Chicago)
"Practical Puzzles and the Path to New IR Theory"
October 27Mariya Grinberg (University of Chicago)
"Have Your Cake and Eat it Too: Economic Interdependence and War"
November 3Helen Kinsella (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
"On Not Being Able to Sleep: Counterinsurgent Wars"
November 10David Lake (University of California, San Diego)
"The Statebuilder’s Dilemma: Legitimacy, Loyalty, and the Limits of External Intervention"
November 17Barbara Walter (University of California, San Diego)
"The Logic of Rebel Strategies in Civil Wars"
December 1Kevin Weng (University of Chicago)
"Shaping Leviathan’s Teeth: State Formation and Military Strategy in Republican China"
January 12Lisa Blaydes (Stanford University)
"Compliance and Resistance in Iraq Under Saddam Hussein"
January 19Morgan Kaplan (University of Chicago)
"Strategies of Insurgent Diplomacy: Evidence from Iraqi Kurdistan"
January 26Eliza Gheorghe (Harvard University)
"Why More is Worse: Multipolarity and Proliferation"
February 2Yubing Sheng (University of Chicago)
"The Strong Do What They Can – Nationalism Management and De-escalation of War"
February 9Tanisha Fazal (University of Notre Dame)
"Life and Limb: New Estimates of Casualty Aversion in US Public Opinion"
February 16Jon DePoyster (University of Chicago)
"Insurgent Governance as State-Building: Explaining Variation in State Strength After Victory in Civil War"
February 23Joshua Shifrinson (Texas A&M University)
"Falling Giants: A Theory of Rising State Strategy Towards Declining Great Powers"
March 1Joe Karas (University of Chicago)
"Final Solutions Revisited: Concentrated Civilian Killing in the 20th Century"
March 8William Wohlforth (Dartmouth College)
"Nation, Status and War"
April 5Eric Hundman (University of Chicago)
"The Social Roots of Disobedience: A Theory of Responses to Wartime Orders"
April 12Todd Sechser (University of Virginia)
"Hidden Norms in International Relations: Experimental Evidence of the Nuclear Taboo"
April 19Jon Lindsay (University of Toronto)
"Restrained by Design: The Political Economy of Cyber Conflict"
April 26CIR MA Panel
University of Chicago
May 3Elizabeth Saunders (George Washington University)
"The Political Origins of Elite Support for War: How Democratic Leaders Manage Public Opinion"
May 10Ches Thurber (University of Chicago)
"Ethnic Manipulation in Middle East Militaries: Manpower, Loyalty, and the Coup-Insurgency Tradeoff"
May 17Scott Abramson (University of Rochester)
"Conflict, Cooperation, and Exit: A Unified Theory of the Origins of the State"
May 24Steve Wittles (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
"Understanding the Origins and Outcomes of Nonviolent Resistance"
May 31Rachel Stein (Princeton University)
"The Face of the Enemy: How the Media Represents Foreign Leaders and Why it Matters"


2014-2015 Workshops

October 7Stephen M. Walt (Harvard Kennedy School)
"Why Does US Foreign Policy Keep Failing?"
October 14Paul Staniland (University of Chicago)
"Governing Coercion: Armed Politics and the State in South Asia"
October 21Fotini Christia (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
"Do Elected Councils Improve Governance? Experimental Evidence on Local Institutions in Afghanistan"
October 28Sebastian Schmidt (University of Chicago)
"The Military Instrument and Territorial Authority: Historical Congruence and Contemporary Decoupling"
November 4Alexander Wendt (The Ohio State University)
"Sovereignty as the Right to Kill Foreigners: Why a World State is Democratically Necessary"
November 11Christopher Mercado (University of Chicago)
"Decontamination: Exploring the Motivations for Post-War Purges"
November 18Katy Lindquist (University of Chicago)
"State Sponsorship of International Terrorism: Revolutionary Ideologies and High-Profile Violence"
December 2Odette Lienau (Cornell University)
"Law in Hiding: Market Principles and Mistaken Hierarchies in International Law"
January 13David Benson (University of Chicago)
"The Internet Effect: When ICT Empowers Civil Society and Weakens States"
January 20Rose McDermott (Brown University)
"The Psychology of Revenge and Deterrence in International Relations"
January 27Chad Levinson (University of Chicago)
"Dissensus and Partisan Differentiation: Extra-Governmental Organizations in the Late Cold
War Politics of US National Security"
February 3Brett Benson (Vanderbilt University)
"Sticks, and Stones, and Small Arms: The Effect of Arms Imports on the Deadliness of Civil
February 10Bonnie Chan (University of Chicago)
"Recruitment Patterns of Perpetrators in Mass Atrocities"
February 17Todd S. Sechser (University of Virginia)
"The Moral Hazard Myth: Nuclear Umbrellas and Reckless Allies"
February 24M.J. Reese, Keven Ruby, Vincent Bauer (University of Chicago)
"Drone Strikes and Insurgent Retaliation: Evidence from Pakistan"
March 3Asfandyar Mir (University of Chicago)
"Are Drone Strikes an Effective Weapon to Target Insurgent Groups?"
March 10Lt. Gen. Daniel Bolger (North Carolina State University)
"Why We Lost: A General’s Inside Account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars"
April 7William C. Wohlforth (Dartmouth College)
"Is American Grand Strategy Unhinged? The Security Benefits of Deep Engagement"
April 14Eric Hundman (University of Chicago)
"Innovation as Disobedience: Why Commanders Transgress Against Prescribed Approaches in War"
April 21Christina Davis (Princeton University)
"More than Just a Rich Country Club: Geopolitical Alignment and the Politics of OECD Membership"
April 28CIR Panel
University of Chicago
May 5Dara Cohen (Harvard University)
"Rape During Civil War: Causes and Consequences"
May 12Bear Braumoeller (Ohio State University)
"Is War Declining?"
May 19Vipin Narang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
"Strategies of Nuclear Proliferation"
May 26Bobby Valentine (University of Chicago)
"The Long Haul – The Real Calculus of Nuclear Weapons-Use"
June 2Gentry Jenkins (University of Chicago)
"Why Revolutions Lead to Interstate Wars: The Logic of Irredental Claims in Post- Revolutionary States"


2013-2014 Workshops

October 8Michael Desch (University of Notre Dame)
"The Cult of the Irrelevant and the Marginalization of Security Studies: A Case Study of the Impact of Academic Professionalization upon Political Science"
October 15Joseph Ford (University of Chicago)
"The Politicization of Death in Royal Britain and Democratic America"
October 22Eugene Gerzhoy (University of Chicago)
"Why Do States Abandon Nuclear Weapons Ambitions? A Theory of Superpower Nonproliferation Inducements"
October 28Pascal Vennesson (S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University)
"Strategic Thought and International Relations Theory"
October 29Stacie Goddard (Wellesley College)
"Legitimacy and Revisionist Powers"
November 5Barnard Choi (University of Chicago)
"Power Shifts and Institutional Effectiveness"
November 12Zheng Wang (Seton Hall University; Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars)
"Chinese Nationalism and the South China Sea Disputes"
November 19Stephanie Kelley (University of Chicago)
"Obedience in Times of Domestic Unrest: A Theory of Military Arbitration'"
December 3Wendy Pearlman (Northwestern University)
"Triadic Deterrence: States and Nonstate Actors in the Middle East"
January 14Aila Matanock (University of California, Berkeley)
"Bullets for Ballots in Peace Processes: Militant Group Electoral Participation Provisions and Conflict Recurrence"
January 21David Benson (University of Chicago)
"A Theory of First Image International Relations in the Age of the Internet"
January 28Marc Lynch (George Washington University)
"Network Polarization and the Syria Conflict"
February 4Matthias Staisch (University of Chicago)
"Why Multilateralism Is Rare: A Network Theory of Great Power Restraint"
February 11DJ Kim (University of Chicago)
"Realists as Free Traders: Britain's Economic Response to the German Challenge, 1897-1914"
February 18Henry Sokolski (Nonproliferation Policy Education Center)
"Underestimated: Our Not So Peaceful Nuclear Future"
February 25Doyoung Lee (University of Chicago)
"Upgrading the Bomb: Established Nuclear Powers' Strategic Transfer of Advanced Nuclear Technology"
March 4Brian Rathbun (University of Southern California)
"Reclaiming Realpolitik: Diplomacy and Pragmatic Statecraft in 1920s Europe"
March 11Dan Magruder (University of Chicago)
"Solving Counterinsurgency's Gordian Knot: The Identification Problem"
April 8Kevin Weng (University of Chicago)
"Doubling Down or Changing Course: Strategic Shifts in Conglomerate Militaries"
April 15Chad Levinson (University of Chicago)
"The Credibility Cartel: How Extra-Governmental Organizations Helped Forge the Cold War Consensus"
April 22Marina Henke (Northwestern University)
"The International Security Cooperation Market"
April 29Matthew Adam Kocher (Yale University)
"The Rabbit in the Hat: Nationalism and Resistance to Foreign Occupation"
May 6CIR Master's Thesis Panel (University of Chicago)
Committee on International Relations
May 13Yubing Sheng (University of Chicago)
"Pacifying the Threatened: Explaining China’s Concessions in Its Territorial Disputes"
May 20Jessica Weeks (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
"Public Opinion and the Second Image Reversed"
May 27Sarah Kreps (Cornell University; Council on Foreign Relations)
"The Marketplace of Ideas at War: Issues, Elites, and Public Support for Drone Strikes"
June 3Mariya Grinberg (University of Chicago)
"After Defeat: Power Politics and the Purchase of International Order"


2012-2013 Workshops

October 9M.J. Reese (University of Chicago)
"Bargaining with Goliath: Credible Cost-Tolerance, Aversionary Political Incentives and the Violent Escalation of Asymmetric Crises"
October 16John Stevenson (University of Chicago)
"Capitol Gains from Cuba to Kosovo: A Rational Theory of Mass Killing with some Evidence"
October 23Severine Autesserre (Barnard College, Columbia University)
"Peaceland – An Ethnography of International Intervention"
October 30Virginia Page Fortna (Columbia University)
"Do Terrorists Win? Rebels’ Use of Terrorism and Civil War Outcomes"
November 6Llewelyn Hughes (George Washington University)
"The Effect of Structural Changes in the International Oil Market on National Security"
November 13Barnard Choi (University of Chicago)
"Intentions in International Relations Theory"
November 27Michael Rosol (University of Chicago; United States Military Academy at West Point)
"Conventional Militaries in Unconventional Wars: Adaptation and Innovation at the Campaign Plan Level"
December 4Laia Balcells (Duke University)
"Does Warfare Matter? Severity, Duration, and Outcomes of Civil Wars"
December 11D.J. Kim (University of Chicago)
"Letting a Hegemonic Aspirant (further) Rise? Maintenance and Revision of Economic Ties between Incumbent Great Power and Rising Challenger"
January 15Kathryn Lindquist (University of Chicago)
"Taking it Off the Table: The Case Against Non-Military Interventions in High-Casualty Conflicts"
January 22Stephanie Kelley (University of Chicago)
"Whether to Repress or Disobey? Military Decisions in Times of Popular Unrest"
January 29Kevin Weng (University of Chicago)
"Branching Policies: An Examination of U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force Preferences for Intervention in International Crises"
February 5Eugene Gerzhoy (University of Chicago)
"Why Do Leaders Abandon Nuclear Weapons Activities? Superpower Inducements, Leverage, and Nuclear Non-proliferation"
February 12Ashley Tellis (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
"Indian Objectives in Missile Defense"
February 19Stephen Biddle (George Washington University)
"How Do Nonstate Actors Fight? Explaining the Military Choices of Guerillas, Warlords, Militias and Mercenaries"
February 26Robert Valentine (University of Chicago)
"Glory, Honor, and Other Inconvenient Pursuits in International Politics"
March 5Taylor Fravel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
"Active Defense: Explaining the Evolution of China's Military Strategy"
March 12Matthew Fuhrmann (Texas A&M University)
"Nuclear Weapons and Coercive Diplomacy"
April 9Lindsey O'Rourke (University of Chicago)
"When does Covert Regime Change Work? Lessons from the U.S. Interventions during the Cold War"
April 16Sebastian Rosato (University of Notre Dame)
"Intentions in International Politics"
April 23Kenneth Schultz (Stanford University)
"Determinants of Territorial Disputes: A Geospatial Approach Applied to Africa"
April 30CIR Masters Thesis Panel
Committee on International Relations
University of Chicago
May 7Peter Krause (Boston College)
"When Does Non-State Violence Work? A Structural Theory of National Movements and Political Effectiveness"
May 14Kelly Greenhill (Tufts University and Harvard Kennedy School)
"Better Than the Truth: Extra-factual Sources of Threat Perception and Proliferation"
May 21Scott Straus (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
"Making and Unmaking Nations: The Origins of Genocide in Independent Africa"
May 28Keren Fraiman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
"The Dynamics of Transitive Compellence: Exploring the Relationship Between Violent Groups and their 'Hosts'"
June 4Morgan Kaplan (University of Chicago)
"Occupied Sovereignty: Understanding Insurgent Strategies of Self-Determination"


2011-2012 Workshops

October 4Ron Hassner (University of California, Berkeley)
"Religious Intelligence"
October 11Morgan Kaplan (University of Chicago)
"Calculated Aggression: Inter-Factional Competition and Strategies of Violence and Restraint in Civil War"
October 18Roger Petersen (MIT)
"Social Science and Military Intervention in the 21st Century"
October 25Jessica Weiss (Yale University)
"Bargaining with Fire: Nationalist Protest in China’s Foreign Relations"
November 1Robert Trager (University of California, Los Angeles)
"How States Form Beliefs about Intention: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Confidential Print of the British Empire, 1860-1914"
November 8David Benson (University of Chicago)
"Thinking Systematically about Transnational Terrorism on the Internet"
November 15John Mueller (Ohio State University)
"Dueling Absurdities: Terrorism and Counterterrorism in the U.S."
November 29Shawn Cochran (University of Chicago)
"War Termination as a Problem of Civil-Military Relations (Redux)"
January 10Valerie Morkevicius (Colgate University)
"Power and Order: The Shared Logics of Realism and Just War Thought"
January 17Lindsey O'Rourke (University of Chicago)
"Why do States Conduct Covert Regime Change?"
January 24Caitlin Talmadge (George Washington University)
January 31Keren Yarhi-Milo (Princeton University)
"Leaders, Intelligence and Assessments of Intentions in International Relations"
February 7Jennifer Lind (Dartmouth College)
"The Strategic Logic of Resource Nationalism"
February 14Michael Ross (University of California, Los Angeles)
"Oil-based Violence"
February 21Matthew Kroenig (Georgetown University)
"Nuclear Superiority and the Balance of Resolve: Explaining Nuclear Crisis Outcomes"
February 28Jenna Jordan (University of Chicago)
"Why Decapitating al Qaeda Won't Work"
March 6Yasemin Bilgel (University of Chicago)
"Going Their Way: Regional Powers under Unipolarity"
April 10Sebastian Schmidt (University of Chicago)
"Explaining Normative Change in International Politics: Foreign Military Presence and the Changing Practice of Sovereignty"
April 17Chad Levinson (University of Chicago)
"Moral Subsidy: The Role of Interest Groups in U.S. Foreign Policy"
April 24Eric Hundman (University of Chicago)
"Social Structure and Military Violence: Decision Making during Colonial Wars in the late Qing"
May 3Stephen Krasner (Stanford University)
"External Actors and the Provision of Collective Goods in Areas of Limited Statehood"
May 8Jacob Schapiro (Princeton University)
"Understanding Support for Militancy in Pakistan"
May 15Alex Weisiger (University of Pennsylvania)
"The Elusive Warmongers: Contrasting Unitary-Actor and Domestic-Political Explanations for War"
May 22Phil Haun (Naval War College)
"Why the Weak Resist: State Survival as a Rationalist Explanation for Coercion Failure in Asymmetric Interstate Conflict"
May 29risa brooks (Marquette University)
"Civil-military Relations and the Arab Revolts of 2011: Explaining Variation in the Responses of Arab Militaries to Popular Protest"
June 5Stephen Brooks (Dartmouth University)
"Pretty Prudent Partisan Theory of U.S. Foreign Policy Opinion"