Program on International Security Policy

PISP explores the major theoretical debates and policy issues in the field of international security. The workshop provides a forum for graduate students, Chicago faculty, and outside academics to present original unpublished research, commonly a draft journal article or dissertation/book chapter. Policy experts also come to PISP to share their knowledge of the key issues of the day. Topics include nuclear proliferation, theories of war and peace, American national security policy, military doctrine and organization, and terrorism.

Spring 2016 Workshops

April 5Eric Hundman (University of Chicago)
"The Social Roots of Disobedience: A Theory of Responses to Wartime Orders"
April 12Todd Sechser (University of Virginia)
"Hidden Norms in International Relations: Experimental Evidence of the Nuclear Taboo"
April 19Jon Lindsay (University of Toronto)
"Restrained by Design: The Political Economy of Cyber Conflict"
April 26CIR MA Panel
University of Chicago
May 3Elizabeth Saunders (George Washington University)
"The Political Origins of Elite Support for War: How Democratic Leaders Manage Public Opinion"
May 10Ches Thurber (University of Chicago)
"Ethnic Manipulation in Middle East Militaries: Manpower, Loyalty, and the Coup-Insurgency Tradeoff"
May 17Scott Abramson (University of Rochester)
"Conflict, Cooperation, and Exit: A Unified Theory of the Origins of the State"
May 24Steve Wittles (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
"Understanding the Origins and Outcomes of Nonviolent Resistance"
May 31Rachel Stein (Princeton University)
"The Face of the Enemy: How the Media Represents Foreign Leaders and Why it Matters"