Program on International Security Policy

PISP explores the major theoretical debates and policy issues in the field of international security. The workshop provides a forum for graduate students, Chicago faculty, and outside academics to present original unpublished research, commonly a draft journal article or dissertation/book chapter. Policy experts also come to PISP to share their knowledge of the key issues of the day. Topics include nuclear proliferation, theories of war and peace, American national security policy, military doctrine and organization, and terrorism.

Spring 2014 Workshops

April 8Kevin Weng (University of Chicago)
"Doubling Down or Changing Course: Strategic Shifts in Conglomerate Militaries"
April 15Chad Levinson (University of Chicago)
"The Credibility Cartel: How Extra-Governmental Organizations Helped Forge the Cold War Consensus"
April 22Marina Henke (Northwestern University)
"The International Security Cooperation Market"
April 29Matthew Adam Kocher (Yale University)
"The Rabbit in the Hat: Nationalism and Resistance to Foreign Occupation"
May 6CIR Master's Thesis Panel (University of Chicago)
Committee on International Relations
May 13Yubing Sheng (University of Chicago)
"Pacifying the Threatened: Explaining China’s Concessions in Its Territorial Disputes"
May 20Jessica Weeks (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
"Public Opinion and the Second Image Reversed"
May 27Sarah Kreps (Cornell University; Council on Foreign Relations)
"The Marketplace of Ideas at War: Issues, Elites, and Public Support for Drone Strikes"
June 3Mariya Grinberg (University of Chicago)
"After Defeat: Power Politics and the Purchase of International Order"