Program on International Security Policy

PISP explores the major theoretical debates and policy issues in the field of international security. The workshop provides a forum for graduate students, Chicago faculty, and outside academics to present original unpublished research, commonly a draft journal article or dissertation/book chapter. Policy experts also come to PISP to share their knowledge of the key issues of the day. Topics include nuclear proliferation, theories of war and peace, American national security policy, military doctrine and organization, and terrorism.

Winter 2017 Workshops

January 10Nasir Almasri (University of Chicago)
"Suicide Terrorism and Autocratic Regimes"
January 17Kevin Weng (University of Chicago)
"State-building to Victory: Chinese Communist and Republican Strategies from 1937-1945"
January 24Fahad Sajid (University of Chicago)
"British Imperialism as Explanandum: Setting the Record Straight"
January 31John O'Halloran (University of Chicago)
"Natural Disasters and Great Power Politics: Stability and Relative Gains during the Reagan Administration"
February 7Erica Chenoweth (University of Denver)
"Mass Mobilization and Mass Killings: How Conflict Dynamics Impact State-Led Violence"
February 14NO SESSION
February 21Ana Arjona (Northwestern University)
"An Institutionalist Approach to Recruitment in Civil War: Evidence from Colombia and Kosovo"
February 28Gentry Jenkins (University of Chicago)
"The Nationalist Origins of Post-Revolution Wars: (Re)Asserting the Nation-State in Problematic Peripheries"