Program on International Security Policy

PISP explores the major theoretical debates and policy issues in the field of international security. The workshop provides a forum for graduate students, Chicago faculty, and outside academics to present original unpublished research, commonly a draft journal article or dissertation/book chapter. Policy experts also come to PISP to share their knowledge of the key issues of the day. Topics include nuclear proliferation, theories of war and peace, American national security policy, military doctrine and organization, and terrorism.

Autumn 2015 Workshops

October 6Chad Levinson (University of Chicago)
"The Credibility Cartel: Extra-Governmental Organizations in U.S. National Security Politics"
October 13Joshua Kertzer (Harvard University)
"How Do Observers Assess Resolve?"
October 20Charles Lipson (University of Chicago)
"Practical Puzzles and the Path to New IR Theory"
October 27Mariya Grinberg (University of Chicago)
"Have Your Cake and Eat it Too: Economic Interdependence and War"
November 3Helen Kinsella (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
"On Not Being Able to Sleep: Counterinsurgent Wars"
November 10David Lake (University of California, San Diego)
"The Statebuilder’s Dilemma: Legitimacy, Loyalty, and the Limits of External Intervention"
November 17Barbara Walter (University of California, San Diego)
"The Logic of Rebel Strategies in Civil Wars"
December 1Kevin Weng (University of Chicago)
"Shaping Leviathan’s Teeth: State Formation and Military Strategy in Republican China"