Program on International Security Policy

PISP explores the major theoretical debates and policy issues in the field of international security. The workshop provides a forum for graduate students, Chicago faculty, and outside academics to present original unpublished research, commonly a draft journal article or dissertation/book chapter. Policy experts also come to PISP to share their knowledge of the key issues of the day. Topics include nuclear proliferation, theories of war and peace, American national security policy, military doctrine and organization, and terrorism.

Winter 2015 Workshops

January 13David Benson (University of Chicago)
"The Internet Effect: When ICT Empowers Civil Society and Weakens States"
January 20Rose McDermott (Brown University)
"The Psychology of Revenge and Deterrence in International Relations"
January 27Chad Levinson (University of Chicago)
"Dissensus and Partisan Differentiation: Extra-Governmental Organizations in the Late Cold
War Politics of US National Security"
February 3Brett Benson (Vanderbilt University)
"Sticks, and Stones, and Small Arms: The Effect of Arms Imports on the Deadliness of Civil
February 10Bonnie Chan (University of Chicago)
"Recruitment Patterns of Perpetrators in Mass Atrocities"
February 17Todd S. Sechser (University of Virginia)
"The Moral Hazard Myth: Nuclear Umbrellas and Reckless Allies"
February 24M.J. Reese, Keven Ruby, Vincent Bauer (University of Chicago)
"Drone Strikes and Insurgent Retaliation: Evidence from Pakistan"
March 3Asfandyar Mir (University of Chicago)
"Are Drone Strikes an Effective Weapon to Target Insurgent Groups?"
March 10Lt. Gen. Daniel Bolger (North Carolina State University)
"Why We Lost: A General’s Inside Account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars"