WIPP Members & Officers

WiPP is open to students, faculty and staff with an interest in our mission and goals. Students throughout the University of Chicago are welcome to attend WiPP-sponsored events.

If you are interested in learning more about WiPP, please email one of our officers:

The 2016-17 WiPP Board


Becki Planchard rplanchard@uchicago.edu

Vice Presidents

Programming - Isabelle Dienstag irdienstag@uchicago.edu

Advocacy - Hafsah Lak hafsahr@uchicago.edu

Finanace - Haven Leeming havenleeming@gmail.com

WIN Liaison

Maura Welch mauradwelch@uchicago.edu


Advocacy - Mayra Quinonez mquinonez@uchicago.edu

Alumnae Engagement - Melissa Whitney mwhitney@uchicago.edu

Branding - Mika Choi bmchoi@uchicago.edu