PPSA Members & Officers

2015-2016 Officers



manuel esquivel
The President is a Harris student who has completed the first academic year. The President should coordinate the activities of the Board and its committees to ensure implementation of all internal and external tasks and steady communications while avoiding duplication of effort. Moreover, the President acts as the representative of the entire PPSA when communicating with faculty, administration and other entities of the university community.
Inquire for:
  • New HSO approval process
  • Overall vision for PPSA

Contact: mesquivel@uchicago.edu

secretary general
regina widjaya
The Secretary General is a Harris student completing the first academic year. The Secretary General should record the minutes of all board meetings and general membership meetings, and make such minutes available upon request to the members of the executive board. The Secretary General is responsible for coordinating the publication of updates for the student body and the PPSA Quarterly at the end of each quarter, updating the PPSA website, sending non-committee-specific emails and making announcements, and maintaining the PPSA bulletin board. The Secretary General is responsible for documenting the history of PPSA. 
Inquire for:
  • Getting on the agenda for the next PPSA meeting

Contact: rwidjaya@uchicago.edu

Student ombudsman
rachel johnson

This officer's primary responsibility is to foster communication between members of her class and the PPSA board. Responsibilities include to work with the Secretary to produce a monthly PPSA newsletter for distribution to students, faculty and staff, provide opportunities for classmates to meet with you in private to discuss their concerns, and assist the Secretary in any new initiatives the communications committee undertakes.

Inquire for:

  • Harris Student life, including but not limited to interactions with Harris staff members, on-site building resources, etc.
  • How to get involved in the Student Voice Corps
  • How to remain involved with the Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board

Contact: rachel2@uchicago.edu



Budget AND OVERSIGHT Committee 
carlos grandet
andrew mao

The Budget & Oversight Committee tracks funds provided by the Chicago Harris Administration, the University of Chicago, and proceeds from events coordinated by PPSA that are granted to Chicago Harris student organizations (HSOs). The committee also presents a yearly operational budget and authorizes additional allocations of funding from HSOs as needed if funds are available, as well as providing guidance to HSOs about PPSA funding and how to obtain funding from other sources.

Inquire for:

  • HSO funding process i.e. information on the PPSA Finance Committee
  • Information on the Eventrepreneur Fund for projects not associated to HSOs
  • Guidance on alternative sources of funding

Contact: cgrandet@uchicaho.edu & andrewmao@uchicago.edu





komal agarwal
Meghana chandra

The Career Services Chair serves as the student liaison between the administration and students on issues regarding career development, and is responsible for working to solve ongoing student concerns regarding career development issues and strengthening the bonds of community between alumni and current students. The Alumni Chair serves as the student liaison between the Office of External Affairs and the Harris Alumni BoardTask Force. Their responsibilities include working with the administration to help strengthen the Harris alumni base, with the objective of strengthening the Harris alumni network for current and future Harris graduates.

Inquire for:

  • Mentor Program
  • Alumni Potlucks
  • Public database of Harris Alumni

Contact: komalagarwal@uchicago.edu & meghanac@uchicago.edu





The Academic Committee tackles a number of items throughout the school year. This Committee is responsible for addressing student issues at the faculty level in addition to providing a student voice for academic related matters. Academic representatives take and active role serving as a liaison to field student concerns and provide communication back to the student body. The committee chairs are responsible of contributing to better academic programming.

Inquire for:

  • Harris Academic life, including but not limited to interactions with Harris Professors & TAs, issues on class offerings, etc.

Contact: mauriciolopezm@uchicago.edu & mgtahboub@uchicago.edu 



ryan higgins
tamiko sawada
divyasha ray

The role of the PPSA Social and Community Events Committee is to provide regular outlets for Harris students to escape from the academic rigor of graduate school and mingle with classmates in a social setting. The Social Committee is responsible for organizing social mixers and other fun social activities that bring the Harris Community together, out and about in the exciting city of Chicago.

Inquire for:

  • Harris After 5
  • PPSA sponsored social events, including but not limited to the Halloween Celebration, the Follies Happy Hour, the End-of-Year boat party, etc.

Contact: ryanthiggins@uchicago.edu, tamikoc@uchicago.edu, divyasha@uchicago.edu