PPSA Finance Committee

Finance Committee

2016-2017 Finance Committee

Chair - Carlos Grandet-Caballero

Vice Chair- Andrew Mao

Second Year Representatives: Carlos Fernandez

First Year Representatives: Madeleine Toups, Daniela Bergmann 

Public Policy Student Association – Programming Funding Structure

The Finance Committee will meet all even weeks of a quarter. HSOs seeking funding from PPSA will submit a Funding Request Form to the Finance Committee by the Monday prior to the next committee meeting.  The Funding Request Form will consist of a brief description of the event and how it enriches the Harris student experience, advertising plan, an itemized list of expenses, and the expected reach inside and outside Harris. The committee will consider all submissions received by the deadline, and will publish a meeting agenda no later than 24 hours prior to the public hearing.

At each meeting, HSO representatives will explain the purpose of upcoming events. Funding agenda will be set in order of funding requested, low to high. There is no upper time limit on funding-in-advance (in fact this is encouraged); this includes requests for future quarters. Additionally, all funds remaining unspent will remain with their designated Harris Student Organizations, and the Committee might decide for the HSO to use those resources before asking for more.


Consideration criteria for funding is included, but not limited to:

  • Event open to all or a wide portion of the Harris community.
  • Size/content of target population
  • Advertisement for event to ensure estimated turnout (ie: Facebook event)
  • Novelty/innovation of event
  • Co-funding/fundraising efforts by HSO leaders
  • Prior performance of HSO events, both internally and in relation to other HSOs
  • Events intended for minority/nontraditional student populations
  • Which HSOs send representatives to the Finance Committee (in the case of contested/limited funds)

Additional consideration for funding for catering events, but not limited to:

  • Price of meal per person (ie: < $9)
  • Preference to catering from Approved Food Vendor list

By a majority of committee members present, HSO funding requests will either be approved, denied or approved at a reduced amount. HSOs denied funding or approved at a reduced amount are invited to appeal decisions of the committee in writing. 

*PPSA Finance Committee

Hereby and forevermore created is the PPSA Finance Committee. The committee shall have a membership of 5: The PPSA Budget Chair, two first year students, and two second year students. One of the two first year positions shall be the Budget and Oversight Committeeperson. The remaining first year and two second years shall be selected by the PPSA Budget Chair and approved by PPSA.

The PPSA Finance Committee shall be a review board meeting every 2 weeks, with the purpose of reviewing all HSO and individual funding requests. Appointments to the committee are quarterly, with new membership determined at the end of each quarter through a consultation of the first and second year Budget and Oversight representatives. Committee members will be expected to attend all meetings, and to assist in the reviewing of all funding requests. Meeting date and time will be determined by a conference of the budget chair and committee members at the start of a quarter to give due consideration to scheduling conflicts. 

Finance Committee Guidelines - Rules guiding the operations of the Committee

Sources of Funding Guide - External source of funding and advice

Budget Item Request Form - Please use this form for all HSO and individual event/item requests.

Approved Vendor List - A non-exclusive list of restaurants that HSOs can bill for cashless transactions.

Reimbursement Form - REMINDER. The Finance Committee strongly recommends that you attempt to bill all services to Harris, as the reimbursement process is cumbersome and protracted. But if you need to be reimbursed for expenses, please use this form.

Information on Direct Payments