Summer Internships

Group internships enable students to apply their skills to policy-related projects and to work in a team environment. Offered in all sectors both domestically and internationally, previous projects have addressed a wide range of policy issues, including affordable housing, community development, the environment, information technology, poverty alleviation, and social policy. Most group internship opportunities accommodate three to four students and typically last ten weeks during the summer, during which time students are paid stipends from Chicago Harris and participating agencies. All students, regardless of internship location, are responsible for securing their own living arrangements and expenses.

The internships are developed in cooperation with agency staff, to ensure that the projects are beneficial both to students and to the sponsoring agencies who supervise the students' work. All projects give students firsthand experience of the institutional, economic, and political forces that shape public policy. They also provide a valuable service for the sponsoring agencies through the work students accomplish.

Organizations with which Chicago Harris has partnered include the Chicago Housing Authority, Chicago Rehab Network, the City of Chicago, Illinois Department of Public Aid, National Ecology Institute of Mexico, the Ministry of Social Development of the Government of Mexico (SEDESOL), and Urban Partnership Bank.

Get Involved

All Chicago Harris MPP students will be informed of group internship opportunities via email in the spring quarter preceding the internship summer. As determined by the participating agencies, students will be required to apply for internships and interview for the positions. Selected students will then work with Chicago Harris and agency staff to make all administrative arrangements prior to the start of the internships in June. Participating students must be in good academic standing at Chicago Harris and are expected to work full-time at the host organization site and under the supervision of the organization.

External Partners
Our staff will work with your organization to discuss the suggested project and determine if it is a feasible project for Chicago Harris students. Summer internships are generally confirmed no later than April 1st preceding the summer in which the internship will take place. Our staff works with participating organizations to identify interested students, conduct interviews, and make other administrative arrangements. Students generally begin work in June, immediately after the end of spring quarter.