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Spring 2017

The depth and the rate of change are increasing in every imaginable way. Among the topics in this course are: classical perspectives (e.g., Braudel, Kuznets, Marx, Polanyi, and Schumpeter), modern paradigms in economics and management, demographic and migration-induced transitions, conflicts and wars, technology surprises, stagnation versus hyper-growth of emerging economies, bubbles and busts, economic and financial crises, cycles of various kinds, complexity-induced changes, emergent phenomena, changes in different kinds of societies, and responses of large private and public organizations to change. The common prism throughout will be change: across countries, time, circumstances, and the precipitants and consequences of change. The course will in part emphasize those topics in which the students are more interested. Each student will make a presentation to the class and will submit a paper. Prerequisites: PPHA 32300 and PPHA 32400, or consent of the instructor.