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Spring 2017
Certificate Program
Economic Policy

Increasingly, many public policy positions require expertise in finance. This expertise
includes the ability to analyze investments and projects, to participate in borrowing
operations and portfolio management, and to deal with various financial instruments,
markets and institutions. Even those professionals whose entry-level jobs do not
involve financial matters often find that their long-term career opportunities are
enhanced by their competence in finance.
Finance can be learned at several different levels. This course is somewhat more
comprehensive than typical entry-level finance courses in MBA programs. A longterm
learning goal of this course is to acquire financial intuition. Accordingly, intuition
is emphasized in every part of the course. Throughout the course, you are expected to
become routinely and vigorously involved in class participation.
This course focuses on the foundations of finance. The ideas and methods taught in this course are valuable regardless of whether you are employed in the public sector, the private sector, or the non-profit sector. The policy orientation of the course will be reflected in, among other things, the choice of the
contexts and examples. Prerequisite: PPHA 32300 or consent of the instructor.



PPHA 32300 or consent of the instructor