Influence impact by writing compelling policy stories.

It’s easy to think that data speaks for itself. But data alone often isn’t enough. Analysts, advocates, and policymakers must be skilled writers who can convey policy stories that persuade readers to take meaningful action to address a pressing policy challenge. 

Work with expert writers and editors, and practice evidence-based persuasive writing to form policy arguments that have the power to change minds and incite action.

Enhance Your Writing Portfolio

Create a strong portfolio of writing that includes a policy brief and memo, an op-ed, and a piece of “solutions journalism” that shows readers how people around the world are responding to policy challenges.

Develop the skills to:

  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of various policy arguments
  • Analyze available data and evidence in close coordination with instructors and teaching fellows
  • Write, revise, and polish persuasive policy stories that meet the unique needs of their readers


Subject: Writing Persuasive Public Policy

Level: All levels are welcome with adaptable content and customized teaching

Duration: Six (6) weeks, 4-6 hours per week

Dates: March 29 - May 8, 2021

Cost: $2,000


  • No prior experience in professional writing or editing required
  • 100% online with live, synchronous lectures
  • Capstone writing project and deliverable
  • Shareable certificate of completion to showcase your skills

Who Will Benefit

This program is a fit if you:

  • Are interested in policy, data journalism, storytelling, or communication
  • Are considering a graduate degree or professional path in the field of data journalism, public policy, or public administration
  • Are seeking a robust foundation in policy and persuasive writing
  • Have no or limited experience in policy or persuasive writing

Headshot of Lauren Manning
Lauren Manning

“I've long believed that a story, told well and persuasively, can motivate change. But I also know there is something unique about policy writing that requires practice and persistence. David provides a home for writers-turned-policymakers, and policymakers-turned-writers, to develop and hone the skills needed to ensure their policy stories make a difference.”

Lauren Manning, MPP’20

What You Will Learn

By committing to this program's rigorous process of reading, writing, discussing, collaborating, and editing, you will be able to demonstrate your ability to:

  • Read actively, interrogating texts to understand and test the author’s claims, opinions, and evidence.
  • Generate research questions that are complex and nuanced enough to allow for inquiry and discovery, not just summary and illustration.
  • Write engaging and compelling policy stories that provide useful and persuasive recommendations to address root causes of policy challenges.
  • Develop sound strategies to cogently structure policy stories—using various conventions of logic, syntax, and formatting—that anticipate the audience’s needs.

Program Details

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