Operate at the intersection of economic policymaking and financial markets.

Effective economic policies require a deep understanding of financial markets and regulations, using sophisticated research methods and the latest technologies in data analytics. With the Certificate in Economic Policy, students prepare to make an impact in the government agencies and private institutions at the center of market policy.

Through required and elective Harris courses and research programs at the Center for Economic Policy, students who earn this certificate gain strong economic training, technical skills, and an understanding of financial markets.

Application Process

The certificate is open to any Harris student. Students should contact their academic advisor to indicate intention to pursue certificate.

Planning for the Certificate

For information on which quarter(s) each course will be offered see the Harris Courses page and filter by certificate. For courses offered by other divisions the typical quarter(s) offered has been indicated.


The certificate will be awarded to students who complete the following course:

  • PPHA 42510 Applied Financial Management

And one of the following courses:

  • BUS 25000 Investments
  • BUS 35001 Introductory Finance
  • BUS 35200 Corporate Finance

And one of the following courses:

  • PPHA 42520 History of Financial Crises
  • PPHA 34500 Macroeconomics for Public Policy
  • PPHA 42535 Banking Regulation and Management (formerly titled Financial Regulation)
  • PPHA 37110 Competition Policy
  • PPHA 39404 Practicum on Inequality, Household Finance, and Tax Policy
  • A Harris Policy Labs PPHA 60000 project (see below)

Students must earn at least a B- in each of the courses to earn the certificate.

No course required for the certificate may be taken pass/fail.

Recommended Policy Labs

Descriptions of Policy Labs projects for the current academic year are available in the Current Student portal.  Please consult your advisor or the certificate director to assure which projects will qualify.